Determining you current OHS / WHS position with Audits and Inspections

Each business has an obligation to comply with Occupational and Workplace Legislation in all Australian States and Territories !

OHS /WHS Audits and assessments are an effective way of determining "IF" your organisation is actually meeting its "OHS" or "WHS"  obligations.

Employers who ignore their "obligations",  to establish and maintain a safe working environment may face severe penalties.  In Victoria - Section 21.1 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Victoria)  advises  that Employers failing to provide a "Safe Working Environment" may be fined  $1,000,000.00 +   and/or   Jail terms may apply !

Active T.E.C Compliance Auditors utilise a  " © Broad Application OHS-WHS Company / Workplace Audit " provides you with an independent assessment covering legal compliance, relevant Australian Standards, Acts , Regulations , Codes of Practice and Compliance codes.

The audit examines of 212 compliance items and once complete we provide you with a comprehensive report that identifies shortfalls within your organisations documents, systems and practices.

We also provide you with a bench mark OHS/WHS "Health" grading (0 - 100%) with the goal of providing you with guidance during a rectification period to resolve any non conformance, and validate this process by conducting a "Second Audit" that establishes your effort and conviction to compliance.

Our Audits take into account (but are not limited to):

  • OHSAS18001 - AS/NZS 4801 -   AS/NZS 4804  (ISO 45001)                      
  • Each Relevant  WHS and OHS Act                                                            
  • All relevant regulations and compliance codes.
  • Environmental ISO 14001                                                                 

Our Active T.E.C consultants, can assist you in the development and implementation of your OHS/WHS Management System (OHSMS).

Our consultant service includes but is not limited to, the development of:

  • Initial workplace and system reviews and reports
  • OHS/WHS policies and procedures development and implementation
  • Development and implementation of Hazard Identification and Risk Management Framework
  • Development and implementation of consultative mechanisms and control systems

For a more mature one stop approach to managing and maintaining OHS/WHS compliance we recommend the -                                         Active T.E.C  "OHSE" Administration System (See brochure link below).

We work with you to  "tailor make" and design  a OHS/WHS software system that uses familiar programs such as  Microsoft "Word"  "Excel" and "PDF" so you are able to get up to speed quickly with minimal training of users.

All driven from a single dash board making it a breeze to access and utilise templates that can be changed to suit each project separately.

Active T.E.C offers a OHS Support and compliance membership  where organisations have graduates of our five (5) Day WHS/OHS course, monitoring and maintaining OHS / WHS compliance in their workplaces.

An important step any organisation can take towards  establishing and driving OHS/WHS compliance and harmonisation,  is to appoint and train an OHS Officer to guide and maintain workplace systems and procedures.

*Special Note - Our (5) Day OHS/WHS Course also meets the requirement for OHS certification needed for Commercial Builder Registration !

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