System & Documentation Development

Our ACTIVE TEC consultants, at your invitation can assist you in the development and implementation of your OHS/WHS Management System (OHSMS).

This includes reviewing you current systems procedures and documentation via a Broad Specification workplace/company audit and providing you with a comprehensive report.                                                                                                                                                                                The report and recommendations provided will assist you organisation to meet the legislative requirements of Acts, Regulations, Codes and Standards in your particular state or territory.

An important step any organisation can take towards OHS/WHS compliance and harmonisation is to appoint and train an OHS Officer to guide and maintain workplace systems and procedures.

Active TEC offers a compliance membership to graduates of our five (5) Day WHS/OHS Course, details are provided in the brochure HERE...     ATEC Compliance Membership Brochure 2017_V7.

*Special Note - Our (5) Day OHS/WHS Course also meets the requirement for OHS certification needed for Commercial Builder Registration !

Our consultant services include, but is not limited to the development of:

 ·         OHS/WHS policies and procedures development and implementation

·         Development and implementation of Hazard Identification and Risk Management framework

·         Development and implementation of consultative mechanisms

The Active TEC  "OHSE" Administration System.

We have developed a "user friendly"  OHS/WHS management system for small to mid sized businesses.                                                         

The finished product is developed with our clientele during the review process, to  provide the user with a fast and economical method for developing, controlling and maintain OHS/WHS systems and procedures.                                                                                        

Details pertaining to the system are provided in the brochure here......   ATEC OHSE Management System.

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"GET READY TO REGISTER PROGRAM" ( Application for Building Practitioners Registration)

We also have a consultative service that assists builders interested in obtaining either Domestic or Commercial Registration.

Please read our brochure Here ...      "Click Here"  for "Get Ready To Register" brochure.