Determining you current position with Audits and Inspections

Each business has an obligation to comply with Occupational and Workplace Legislation in all Australian States and Territories !

OHS /WHS Audits and assessments are an effective way of determining "IF" your organisation is actually meeting its "OHS" or "WHS"  obligations.

Employers who ignore their "obligations",  to establish and maintain a safe working environment may face severe penalties.  In Victoria - Section 21.1 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Victoria)  advises  that Employers failing to provide a "Safe Working Environment" may be fined  $1,000,000.00 +   and/or   Jail terms may apply !

Active TEC Compliance Auditors utilise a  " © Broad Application OHS-WHS Company / Workplace Audit " provides you with an independent assessment covering legal compliance, relevant Australian Standards, Acts , Regulations , Codes of Practice and Compliance codes.

The audit examines of 212 compliance items and once complete we provide you with a comprehensive report that identifies shortfalls within your organisations documents, systems and practices. We also provide you with a bench mark OHS/WHS "Health" grading (0 - 100%) with the goal of providing you with guidance during a rectification period to resolve any non conformance, and validate this process by conducting a "Second Audit" that establishes your effort and conviction to compliance.

Our Audits take into account (but are not limited to):

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