13/02/2018OP5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 3BSBWHSMUC4Broadmeadows8.00 amIn Progress
14/02/2018CS5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 1BSBWHSMUC4Ocean Grove8.00 amConfirmed
15/02/2018OPErect & Dismantle RH Scaffolding - DAY 1CPCCCM2008BBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
16/02/2018OPStop Slow Bat Operator (Traffic)RIIWHS205DBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
19/02/2018OPImplement Traffic Management PlanRIIWHS302DBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
20/02/2018OP5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 4BSBWHSMUC4Broadmeadows8.00 amIn Progress
21/02/2018CS5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 2BSBWHSMUC4Ocean Grove8.00 amConfirmed
22/02/2018OPAsset (No Go Zone) spotters course22325VICBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
22/02/2018OPErect & Dismantle RH Scaffolding - DAY 2CPCCCM2008BBroadmeadows8.00 amSee Day 1 for Status
23/02/2018OPConstruction Induction (Known as White Card)CPCCWHS1001Broadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
26/02/2018OPPerform First aid (L2)HLTAID003Broadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
26/02/2018OPPerform CPR (Refresher)HLTAID001Broadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
27/02/2018OP5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 5BSBWHSMUC4Broadmeadows8.00 amIn Progress
28/02/2018CS5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 3BSBWHSMUC4Ocean Grove8.00 amConfirmed
1/03/2018OPWorking at HeightsRIIWHS204DBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
2/03/2018OPApply OHS (WHS) in the Workplace T&TUEENEEE101ABroadmeadows7.30 amTaking Bookings
2/03/2018OPTest & Tag Cord Connected Elec EquipmentUEENEEP026ABroadmeadows7.30 amTaking Bookings
7/03/2018CS5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 4BSBWHSMUC4Ocean Grove8.00 amConfirmed
8/03/2018OPStop Slow Bat Operator (Traffic)RIIWHS205DBroadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
9/03/2018OPConstruction Induction (Known as White Card)CPCCWHS1001Broadmeadows8.00 amTaking Bookings
14/03/2018CSConstruction Induction (Known as White Card)CPCCWHS1001Frankston8.30 amConfirmed
16/03/2018CS5 Day OHS/WHS Course DAY 5BSBWHSMUC4Ocean Grove8.00 amConfirmed

New course types and dates are added weekly..........If the course you need is not scheduled here yet "Call Us" for assistance.

OP= Open Public Session (Anyone Interested May Attend)                            
CS = Closed Bookings / Client Sessions ( Client employees only )
Confirmed = Bookings have closed ( Full Course )

*Please Note* The training session dates and locations are subject to change, from time to time due to student numbers or cancellations.

To make a booking or obtain additional information about attending a training session use the Contact Us tab, and send through your name, address a contact telephone or mobile number and the course you are interested in attending. We will respond to your request within 24 hours

Our Training locations for open sessions (OP) are usually at either:
Active T.E.C Training Centre - Unit 5, 40 Lakeside Drive, Broadmeadows  VIC  3047