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Welcome to ACTIVE T.E.C

ACTIVE T.E.C (Training, Education and Compliance) specialises in providing OHS & WHS related services, to a wide range of industries.

Active T.E.C is a consultancy company that specialises in:

  • Nationally Recognised Training and Assessment  
  • Resource Development 
  • Occupational (Workplace) Health and Safety Compliance Audits
  • System Development and Rectification programs.

Our Audit and assessment programs shall assist your organisation to reduce the financial and personal cost of failing to implement and maintain OHS , Policies and Procedures required by law under the "OHS" or "WHS" Acts,  relevant Regulations and compliance codes.

 All Audits and Assessments are conducted by registered and qualified consultants with years of experience in either workplace audits and/or training and assessment. We shall guide you through auditing, risk assessments, policies and procedures and training and certification programs, to assure you have a compliant business and an effective workforce.


Active T.E.C has formed a strategic alliance with the highly successful recruitment and placement firm, Zoom Recruitment and Training. Our "Train to Work" program provides you with a unique opportunity to obtain access to the services offered by "Zoom Recruitment", to seek employment opportunities. 

Utilise the skills, abilities and competencies you obtain through a successfully completing an Active T.E.C  training course,  to investigate potential employment possibilities.  We do not guarantee employment, but we do organise an interview with a Zoom Recruitment Consultant, for students who successfully complete their training course and relevant assessments and are interested in utilising this service.

Zoom Recruitment and Training place personnel registered with them in to both Casual and Full time work assignments, as soon as it is practicable.

So, Just complete your training and receive assistance to commence work !

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